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Imagine two rails which, in a gust of wind, break the charm of parallelism, and meet at certain points, only to separate a few meters further.

This could strongly resemble the sound trajectories of the instruments of this duo, discovering unexpected routes at every moment, deciding on occasional turns and stops, traveling through landscapes where improvisation and writing mix without any distinction, blurring the lines with jubilation.

Focusing in their other groups as much on current music as on free improvisation, contemporary writing or popular music, Sylvaine Hélary and Robin Fincker seek in their meeting to retrace through their compositions, the journey of air produced by their instruments and to immerse the listener in it.

From the faintest rustling to the fullest breath, the duo resonates, slides and becomes a trio, thus accompanying the room, the vault, the wall or forest that surrounds it.

« Nous sommes faits de l’étoffe dont sont tissés les vents. »

Alain Damasio, La Horde du Contrevent, éd. La Volte


Robin Fincker - saxophone tenor / clarinette
Sylvaine Helary - flutes / piccolo